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Armani Caesar’s Releases “The Liz 2” Album

Armani Caesar – The first lady of Griselda Records just released “The Liz 2”. An true work of ART bringing a breath of fresh air to hip hop, and raising the bar EXTREMELY high for female / rap artist in general. Armani Caesar has grown lyrically since “Pretty Girls Get Played Too” & “The Liz” prior releases. The Griselda collective is closing out 2022 with a bang, with the upcoming Westside Gunn album: “Hitler Wears Hermes 10 coming soon. The bravado, talent, and lyrics delivered on this project is definitely worth the listen!

Is Armani Caesar A True Star?

Highly anticipated by fans, “The Liz 2” did not disappoint. The record gets personal about her work ethic and future aspirations the Buffalo MC has. Armani Caesar is putting up numbers with favorite tracks like “Paula Deen”, “Diana”, “Queen City”, “Hundred Dollar Hiccup”, “Liz Claiborne Jr 1 & 2”, & “Big Mood”. Beat Selection has hindered many artist’s careers in the industry, this ain’t that when it comes to this LP. You can tell there is a level of comfort and confidence when she raps compared to prior work, this effort shows in her newest cypher from the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Listen Here:

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