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Cypress Hill’s New Record “Crossroads” Released Today

Cypress Hill

(Photo: www.cypresshill.com )  

Cypress Hill just released a new track titled “Crossroads”. An original track from their SHOWTIME documentary released this past 4/20. I’m going to start off by saying that this track brings serious eerie tones, in a great way! We all know that music has lacked a lot of substance lately, while lyrics and production almost never lacks within Cypress Hill’s music. The track gives you everything a great rap song needs: Dark drums, a haunting piano loop, & sharp lyrics with great depth. B Real’s voice itself should be labeled as an instrument with how fire his hooks are. DJ Muggs also produced the record, it’s a guaranteed listen on those dark and gloomy days, it captures that mood very well. Check out the video below & out on ALL streaming platforms!

Listen Here:

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